Naturismus mit Pferden







Horseriding without clothing, an antique and however again new  type to experience nudism in fascinating way. Complete harmony with horse and nature, freedom without limits and disturbing  clothing, this tight and agreeable contact with the horse...

Impossible? Fantasies? Totally unrealistic?

No! We make it possible to experience also in Germany this  wonderful type of riding, outside in idyllic and lonesome surroundings.

Approximately 20 kms south from Bonn we have two small nudist  resorts with four horses. We offer everyone, who is interested seriously, the opportunity to ride naked. On the terrains there is also the possibility to live with tent or camper.

Here is a video from a woman who filmed herself while nude riding on horseback. She tells about nude horseriding in american english.



We offer the rides on the base of private invitations. Therefore it is not a commercial resort.

We cannot guarantee for it that we never meet while riding outside the nudist-resort with persons or other riders. This is however extremely improbable because it is a very lonesome forest-area, far from great cities.

The season is from May until October, according to weather-situation.

It must not be taken part in the rides.

Whoever would like to come with his own horse are heartily welcome. There is a lot of space for your horse.

Children as well as teenagers under 18 years may come only in company of adults.

Whoever would rather like to live in a hotel or a pension: no problem. We will send you a corresponding list with an exact way-description.

Here are our telephone numbers:

 Mobil: 0178 5335589

Answer-machine and fax: 03221 1184181



The reason, why we have published this site: we want to liberate this particular riding style from all old prejudices and to make generally socially acceptable. That is only possible, if we show that we wouldn't like to provoke or offend someone, but that we want only enjoy the splendid feeling of freedom. The same aim had at that time also the nudism, that is solidly established today and has millions of enthusiastic supporters. With our three horses we don't want and we cannot offer a mass-business, of course. We do this without any commercial interest.












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